The Company

The Company was established in 2008 to facilitate the development of biotech industry in Malaysia. We are keen on encouraging the growth of scientific research and development through our expertise in the area of Biotechnology. Our services include, providing scientific equipments to industrial and training laboratories coupled with consultancy. We offer our knowledge and know-how in the design and set-up of laboratories for various research and manufacturing practises. We boast in our ability to identify the best possible equipments for the development of our client’s research and development. As a value added service, we fabricate and customize vessels and other components of scientific systems to meet our client’s requirement. Whilst ensuring the quality of the equipments, we also provide round the clock technical support.


To Create and Innovate Technology Platform to Enhance Bio Research Sector of Malaysia

Since our establishment, we have proven ourselves as a quality service provider by emphasizing on our core values which is integrity and excellence. Our clients range from higher learning institutions, research facilities to commercial production plants, whom we have been continuously committing our services and expertise. We are always on the lookout for new products that would suit our Malaysian market space. We are in constant discussion with equipment manufacturers from around the globe to provide our local researchers with the deserved platform to create synergy and drive for research excellence.